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We quickly assess and document current processes (transaction processing, month-end close, management reporting, financial planning and analysis) and highlight potential improvements and efficiencies.  We leverage our extensive business experience to implement effective and value-added changes while maintaining an optimal cost structure.


We evaluate the current design and operational performance of finance and accounting functions and then make improvement recommendations with respect to processes, priorities and organizational structure. We then roll-up our sleeves and work with the function to implement and execute change and train employees to ensure smooth transition and lasting benefit.

business turnaround

We prepare a holistic business assessment taking into consideration, industry, competitors, points of differentiation, customer and supplier base, financial health and organizational capabilities to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  

We perform detailed analyses of costs and revenues to identify the drivers of profitability.  We easily communicate with everyone from clerks to senior leadership, enabling us to quickly identify opportunities and develop practical solutions that can be implemented to optimize costs and improve profitability.




It may take a company a lengthy period of time to find the right resource to fill a gap in its financial management team, whether it arises from a departure or due to the identification of a newly required resource. Other factors can also cause senior financial management resource requirements to out-strip capacity. In some situations, focused leadership and problem solving skills need to be directly and quickly applied to solve a particular problem, and existing resources do not have the bandwidth.


Our professionals are experienced as executives, seasoned project leaders, and managers, and are available to augment existing management teams and provide the required senior “bench” strength to define and achieve objectives.


Divestments, acquisitions, financings and other special projects can be complex and require expertise and skill sets beyond those typically possessed by financial and accounting management. In addition, the non-recurring nature of these transactions adds a significant burden on company resources managing day-to-day operations and finance activities.


We can provide the expertise and additional resources necessary to help bridge both the experience and the resource availability gap during times of peak activity.



We lead the research, evaluation and implementation of new standards and interpretations issued by the SEC, FASB and IASB, and we review existing accounting standards and policies and advise management on applicability and options in relation to new contracts and transactions. We regularly act as accounting experts on our client’s behalf in dealings with their board of directors and committees, auditors, underwriters, attorneys, and bankers.




We evaluate current control environments and design & implement internal controls for the financial reporting process and other financial and operational cycles to comply with sound business practices, regulatory requirements and financial reporting standards. We ensure mediation of control deficiencies via mitigating controls and train process owners to ensure continued success/compliance.

Financial Reporting &

Regulatory Filings

We prepare financial reports and filings in accordance with US GAAP and IFRS (including all SEC compliant statements) and improve processes to increase quality and shorten the preparation and review period.


We integrate our teams and processes into the client’s existing model as needed to maximize opportunities for streamlining and minimize the any incremental impacts. We are able to either augment or advise an existing reporting team or step in as an outsourced function.


The IPO process creates significant financial reporting, process, internal control, infrastructure and management challenges and changes, both leading up to the IPO itself and after the IPO when a company is stand alone for the first time. Because our professionals have both accounting firm and industry experience, we focus not just on the IPO itself but also on ensuring our clients are ready to efficiently and effectively handle the rigors, challenges and realities of life beyond the IPO. 

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