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M&A and financing transactions are complex.  Financial and operational excellence alone will not guarantee a successful outcome.  Thorough planning and preparation is necessary in order to ensure that transaction objectives are met.


Transaction Readiness positions companies to maximize value in a divestment or financing; and to accelerate integration and synergy realization in a merger or acquisition.


Triton provides an experienced team that evaluates and identifies issues that can result in loss of value and provides seasoned experts to execute and cost-effectively implement value increasing initiatives.  


One of Triton’s core strengths is helping companies streamline their finance, accounting and operational functions to produce more accurate, timely and relevant information.  This reduces risk to the buyer or lender which would otherwise result in lost value.  More timely and reliable information shortens due diligence time and helps to maintain competitive tension during a sale or financing process.


Key areas of focus for Transaction Readiness include:

  • Financial Reporting & Regulatory Filings

  • Management Reporting & Analytics

  • Cash Flow, Revenue & Profit Forecasting

  • Working Capital Optimization

  • Internal Control Design & Implementation

  • Growth Opportunity & Strategy Assessment 

  • Management Presentation Coaching & Preparation

  • Assessing Other Value Risks 


We align diligence efforts with transaction objectives and provide financial due diligence for M&A transactions. Our comprehensive due diligence teams help assess the quality of earnings, capital spend, cashflows, working capital, governance and financial reporting that feed into a robust valuation model. Whether on the buy-side or the sell-side, the early identification and management of key value drivers, risks and opportunities are key to a successful transaction.



We provide a wide variety of leadership and support activities throughout a transaction process, including: developing marketing material, structuring & negotiating sale & purchase agreements, establishing purchase price adjustments, developing working capital models & related accounting policies and managing the transaction “completion” mechanics process including the preparation (or review) of any post-closing price adjustments.


Transactions are complex and disputes can arise over numerous aspects of the sale & purchase agreement. The dispute resolution process can be long and costly, requires intricate knowledge of the process and contractual agreements, and can distract management from core activities.


The most effective dispute resolution process begins before the deal is signed, by ensuring clarity in the measurement of transaction consideration and by establishing the specific procedures to be followed in the event of a dispute, and the roles, rights and obligations of the parties and expert.


Triton has taken the lead on many disputes and has experienced great success on behalf of its clients. We can manage the dispute submission and resolution process for parties initiating and/or defending a dispute, and can provide valuable insight throughout a transaction process in the context of mitigating the risk of dispute.



The synergies expected through an acquisition are generally predicated on successfully integrating the business.


Challenges arise from both the expected and unexpected consequences of an acquisition. Operating and financial organizational structures, systems, processes and information can take longer to assimilate or convert than expected. The effects of organizational confusion, combined with diminished or deteriorating data integrity can be costly, frustrating and hinder management’s ability to effectively manage the business, including its operating results, cash flows and financial condition.


We provide resources and focused expertise to facilitate post-merger integration of finance and accounting processes and functions, as well as operational aspects of businesses.

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